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Good timing on this post as I came across this blog a day or two ago. Happy to hear that you've found some positive avenues for yourself that suits your particular nature.

More specifically, I think this captures much of what any genuine practice should require:

"My point is only that physical well-being and spiritual well-being are more connected than many want to admit.."

I mostly write here on Substack about the Eastern Traditions from the standpoint of what they originally taught and many of them do in fact adhere to this basic formula....Patanjali's Astanga Yoga is the clearest example of this, but you can even find a recognition of it in Early Buddhism through practices like Satipathanna and Anapanasati though these do not lend themselves to an immediate technical application and instruction in the way that Yoga does.

Although you may not ultimately jive with either of these traditions (which is fine), I thought I'd just mention it. Either way, take care of yourself and hope to see more of your writing.

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Yeah, the east does have much more of a tradition of bodily-spiritual health and I do really like yoga and qigong for example. There's certainly some kind of phenomenon going on that's agnostic to culture when it comes to the development of body pessimism. In fact I would consider the modern west very body-pessimist but from this weird angle of abusing the body, then resenting the result, then seeking technical interventions

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I lack the requisite knowledge to comment on the details of your spiritual journey, but overall it sounds like it's been a harrowing but rewarding process. I'm glad you've found yourself in a better place, and while I can understand why you might not return to Heliotroph, I hope you do some day. All the best.

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does this mean that because of your breakdown, you stopped studying esotericism/initiatic doctrines? Thats at least what I understood from what you wrote.

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